Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well I'm dilated to a 3, 75% effaced, and baby is a -3 station. Her weight estimate today was 7lb 13 oz. My bet is that I'll go in for my appointment next week with "advanced dilation" and be sent up to L&D to get this show on the road. Honestly, I'm OK with that if my body has already progressed far enough and we're at least 37 weeks, as her weight is definitely making me nervous. I realize that the weight estimates are likely off, but I will say she is really starting to feel heavy too.

Besides her weight, my other concern is having a "sticky" placenta again. If the placenta doesn't deliver on it's own, my doc will have to retrieve it and possibly do another D&C to remove it. This could cause increased blood loss as well. My wonderful husband donated blood for me this morning though, so at least I know whose blood I'll be getting if I happen to need it. Some may think I'm overly paranoid, but I prefer to think I'm just playing it safe. :)

Wow. So this will actually be happening soon! I can do this.

Check out how cute her kissy lips are! Isn't she precious?!


  1. wow - i think you will go before next week's appointment. Hang in there and it is better to be prepared!!!

  2. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it I guess. Everything should be fine though. Is there like an increased chance of that happening again if you've already had it happen or was it just a fluke thing? With my first baby they were telling me she was going to be atleast 9 lbs and she was 7 lbs 15 oz so those things aren't always too accurate. *Fingers crossed for a fast and easy delivery*

  3. I don't think a retained placenta is more common if it's happened before, but it is more common with IVF pregnancies. It's happened with both of my surrogacies and it was quite scary with the twins, as I lost quite a bit of blood. This is why I'm preparing this time. ;)

    I'm hoping for a 7-8 pounder, but we'll see! Won't be long now! :)

  4. So so close!!! Oh and her lips are so so cute!!!