Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She's not mine!!!! :)

We hit 33 weeks yesterday! Hard to believe this little girl will be here in 7 weeks or so! I received a copy of the pre-birth order in the mail today! I was getting nervous, as it seemed to be taking awhile. But all is well and Steve and Andrea can legally go on their daughter's birth certificate now! This also releases David and me from any parental responsibility. Seems so silly that so much has to be done to get the biological parents on their own child's birth certificate. Hopefully, someday, a simple DNA test will do all this without all the legal legwork prior to birth. But this is how it is for now and we are ready! The only thing we're waiting for now is for this little girl to be considered full term (4 more weeks) and then she's welcome to come anytime!

Overall, I'm feeling pretty well. My feet still swell and I'm always so thirsty, which in turn makes me go potty a lot (including all hours of the night)...but that's about the worst of my complaints at the moment. I'm still enjoying my time with her and I'm kinda sad it will end so soon. It seems this pregnancy has flown by! But I know that her birth will not be the end. In fact, it will be a beautiful beginning of a new life. Her mom and dad will finally have their baby in their arms and it will indeed be a joyous day. :)

Guess I should start thinking about packing a hospital bag here soon, huh?

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