Sunday, May 1, 2011

Updates & pics!

We have been busy letting Addie train us how to be parents. She's good at it!
Finally after 3 weeks, we have time to put some of the pictures we have taken over the period.

Addison taking one of her beauty sleeps. We're convinced of this because she keeps getting cuter!

Andrea and I last week on my birthday; 2 days after Addie's original due date of April 26.

Nana Moore (Andrea's mom)

Grandma Miller (my mom)

Great Grandma Miller, Grandpa Miller, Me (a very tired version of me)

Grandpa Miller (Addie is about 40-minutes old!)

PaPa Moore meets Addie

Having another beauty rest...
Addie's first bath. It wasn't as bad as she made it sound...

Our Chihuahua decided she would finally get near the baby. She has been a little stressed out about us giving so much attention to someone besides her. She's getting over it!

Parenthood is cool as can be! She's growing fast enough that even we look at her and think she looks different. That's saying something considering we constantly have an eye on her!

She has seen her pediatrician a couple times now and is growing nicely and is a very healthy little girl. We're so happy!
More pics soon!