Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thirteen years of incubation experience...and I still obsess

Thirteen years ago today, I kept wondering if I was in labor. I had occasional pains. I was nesting like crazy. But I refused to go back to the hospital, only to be sent home yet again. My water did break about 11:30 pm that night and my beautiful first born was born at 1:32 am on March 30th. Thirteen years to the day later, I'm 5 days further into this pregnancy than I was with that one. While I don't expect Addison to come anytime today or tomorrow, I admit labor is constantly on my mind. Every little twinge, ache, and trip to the bathroom makes me wonder when it's going to happen. I officially feel like a ticking time bomb. I try not to dwell or obsess about it, but I know I need to be prepared since Addison calls the shots here. It's a constant worry if my water may break in public or if labor will begin and I won't realize it until delivery is near. Hopefully neither will be the case, but this pregnancy has been so easy *knock on wood* that I almost expect a dramatic (but safe) delivery. We are now 36 weeks and have another appointment tomorrow! I'm hoping not much has changed, as Addie really needs at least one more week in the womb. But next week, all bets are off and Miss Addie can come whenever she's ready. She sure has a lot of people waiting to meet her!


  1. Lookin good! Can't wait to see some pictures of that beautiful baby girl. Hope you have a very easy delivery.