Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nursery Pictures

It looks like Addie will be making her grand entry soon so I wanted to post a few pictures of the completed nursery before it becomes a disaster area!

Check out the wall art LaDonna's Husband, David did for Addie! All of that was freehand; and on a rough wall, no less!

I think Addie will be very well dressed...

We want to thank everyone for helping us accomodate Addison. From furniture to clothing to forumla, friends and family have gone above and beyond to help us make things perfect for her.


  1. Beautiful nursery!!! :) So excited to hear all about her arrival, any day now! :)

  2. Oh so so cute!!! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  3. So pretty! That room is beautiful :)

  4. The previous comment was from me, Jadine, a friend of LaDonna's. Just wanted to let you know.