Monday, December 6, 2010

Level 2 Ultrasound, Part II

Those of you following along will remember the "Scary Day" post from back at 17 weeks. This was the first time we had an opportunity to see Level 2 ultrasound images of Baby A. Level 2 penetrates well enough to see inside the organs to ensure everything is 100% okay.
Today was our follow-up visit and second Level 2 look at things. We were able to get a recording right off the ultrasound machine.
For those who are really interested in every aspect of this pregnancy, we have posted all five parts below. Follow along in the upper left corner by reading what the tech is typing as she takes a look around.
For those of you wanting to see killer 4D images of Baby A's face, skip ahead to "Ultrasound 5". They were able to get some great face shots today even though she was trying to cover it with her hands!