Tuesday, December 21, 2010

22 Weeks!

No, I didn't forget to take a pic last week. I just figured it's probably kinda boring to read the same stuff every week, so I figured I'd post two pics at once for awhile. This baby girl is behaving herself and I'm really enjoying her. If every day of pregnancy could be like these recent days have been, well...I'd say I'd keep doing this, but I seem to do so anyway. :) I am finally starting to gain a little weight (up 3 pounds now, according to my scale at home) and I think it's starting to show in places other than the belly. :( Little miss is becoming more active and much stronger. I'm pretty sure she's going to want to kick my dog's butt once she's out, if he doesn't stop trying to lay on her all the time. Don't worry, he's a little dog! You can actually see him (Sawyer) begging me to pick him up in the bottom pic...lol. The second pic is also of him cuddling with me and protecting the baby. :)

21 weeks, 12/14/10

Sawyer cuddling with me and protecting baby :)

22 weeks, 12/21/10

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