Monday, November 15, 2010

Scary Day.

This morning we received results of the Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP) test LaDonna had last week. This is a standard voluntary blood test that measures the level of alpha-fetoprotein, a protein produced by the fetus. Abnormal levels indicate the possibility (but not existence) of Down syndrome or a neural tube defect such as spina bifida, which can then be confirmed by ultrasound or amniocentesis.
Miller Lite/LaDonna tested above normal enough to cause slight alarm with the three of us so we promptly contacted Dr. Mirabile's office; he is a well respected Fetal / Maternal Medicine Doc in Norman. We were very fortunate he made time for us to see him today so we really only had a matter of a couple hours to worry ourselves sick over this.
Going into it we knew the probability of the test being inaccurate were high, especially on an IVF baby. No chances will ever be taken though and we appreciate LaDonna, Julie (@ Dr. M's office) and Misty/Becky in Andrea's office for making everything come together so swiftly.

Miller Lite passed the Level 2 Ultrasound tests with flying colors! Heart looked great, fingers looked great, lips, etc. etc. We also have two more definite "It's a Girl" confirmations so now we are back up to 99.9883% chance it's a girl! Unfortunately, I didn't have anything but my phone's camera to take photos with and none of them really came out. The shot above is the best of the batch.

In other "Oh crap, we're finally having a baby" news; I confirmed purchase of the wood floor for "Baby A's" nursery. We decided to go with the same wood we have in our master bedroom which is a thick stressed slat oak with a fairly dark stain. It will be installed next week and from that point we will begin serious decorating. Andrea has picked out a crib and I'll start searching for a rug. Those of you who know us will remember the "rug incident" from just after we moved into our current home. Let's just say she has expensive taste - and I almost had a heart attack. I put myself in charge of all flooring from then on...

Given our wild day, we will skip the usual Wednesday ultrasound this week.


  1. I was wondering when the baby's name would switch from "Miller Lite" to "Baby-A." Glad all that happened was just a scare, and that she is doing great! I can't wait to meet her!

  2. So happy for you guys. Sorry you had to worry over the tests results, but so glad you got good news. I'm a member on the support board that LD is a part of and we are all your biggest cheerleaders!

    Congrats and happy the reality has set in. Happy Shopping parents!!!!!1