Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Bedlam, Baby!

So it's Bedlam Game Day. This is even a bigger deal this year than most. You see, I'm a Sooner fan. I will cheer for the Cowboys until Bedlam, but my heart belongs to the Sooners. As many know, Steve and Andrea are Cowboys fans. I admit we've been pretty "nice" to each other until now, but today is the day and we now have our game faces on. I've already threatened to play "Boomer Sooner" to their baby so that will be the only that calms her when she's born. :) I'm awaiting their move because I know it's coming. And God have mercy on the losing "team" here because I know Steve won't let it go...and well, neither will I. No matter the outcome, I think I'm going to purchase this shirt and wear it proudly. Yeah, OK, so maybe I seem a bit over the top, but's all in good fun. BOOMER SOONER!!!! (Ha! Baby likes that. She's in there cheering!)

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