Monday, February 7, 2011

*womp, womp, womp*

I am totally pouting right now and near tears. I failed the one hour GTT (diabetes test). The magic number is to be 140 or below and mine came back at 157. :( I'm also anemic, but that didn't surprise me since I was with the last two pregnancies as well. My H&H was 10.1 and 31.7, but should've been at least 12 and 36. I'll start taking some iron pills and that should correct that problem. However, the diabetes problem isn't as easy to fix. I will go for a blood draw tomorrow, then I'll do the 3 hour test on Friday. I'm praying like crazy I pass because I know Addison and I are NOT going to like the diet we'll have to be on. I know it's only 10 weeks or so, but that's a long time when it comes to food! C'mon, body of mine, don't wear down on me now!


  1. Oh, i'm sorry sweetie!! I will say an extra lil prayer for you and lets hope you pass this next test!! Keep us posted!!

  2. That stinks...sorry. I hope your other tests will be better and the diet doesn't have to happen. Good luck.