Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Updates Galore

A couple of updates in order of activity:

Over the weekend Addison was thrown a shower at Cindy Cook's home by several of Andrea's friends and coworkers. This was a great party with around 30 in attendance. Here are some pictures:
Ladonna, Addison & Andrea

Addison's cake

Very cool idea; a project table where everyone could design Addie an outfit! Here are a few of them hanging to dry.

Julie, Kim, Tray, Misty & Cindy with Andrea. These were the party planners; they are very much appreciated!

Some of the group as they watch gifts being opened. In the turquoise is Tiffany, she handled most of the photography of the event - thanks ton!

And another view of the rest of the group. Everyone at both showers have been so generous! It looks like Babies-R-Us threw up in our house! Thanks to Becky for helping Andrea keep track of the gifts.

Finally, a very special thank you to Cindy & Rick Cook for opening their home to all this craziness!

LaDonna and Addison had their 30-week appointment today so we had an opportunity to check in on the little one with ultrasound. She is measuring 30 weeks, 5 days (at 30 weeks, 1 day), 3lbs 8oz, everything is developing as it should, and her hair is even longer than the last US two weeks ago!
There are a few good face shots somewhere in there that shows her nose and also several great general profile shots. Because of her environment, a decent 4D image was not possible.

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