Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's A ______!

Thirteen weeks today and we are 99.94155% sure of the baby's sex. Make sure you get your vote in on the poll to the left (although we figure it might be a little skewed since early detection usually means one thing...).

What a difference two weeks makes! Andi and I were on vacation last week so we postponed our weekly ultrasound date with LaDonna. All three of us were very anxious to see the development that had occurred over the previous two weeks and were thrilled today to see the progress.
Arms and legs are very defined, as was the head and torso. Miller Lite did not cooperate with us when it came time to snag a shot of the face. Arms were in the way and covering facial features.

Here is a 4D image of the little bugger hiding from us as if we were shining a bright light! Heart rate was 164 and everything appears to be developing very normally!

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