Tuesday, January 4, 2011

24 weeks = VIABILITY!!!!

Well Miss Addison is viable as of today! We've hit 24 weeks and this is a HUGE milestone, in my opinion. Although she'd have a great chance of survival if born now, let's just plan on her baking another 16 weeks or so! ;)

Here is the 24 week belly. Sorry, it's blurry. That happens when you have your 12 year old take it. (And, yes, that is a glimpse of my little dog Sawyer begging me to pick him up at the bottom of the pic...lol.) :)


  1. Jealous of the cute belly!! And your dog is hilarious!!!!!! Next time just pick him up and take the picture with him =)

  2. LOL...OK, I just might do that. He's one of four dogs, but he's the "mama's boy." Thanks for the compliment! :)