Monday, September 6, 2010

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

So yes, the little bean has a newly beating heart. :) It was beating 106-107 beats per minute. Andrea kept staring at the screen and I was starting to get concerned she saw something wrong. But, no...she said, "Sorry. I just can't stop staring." Steve took pictures of the big ultrasound screen with his phone. It was obvious they were in love already and I am so very happy for them. I'll be returning a week later (this Wednesday) to see how much more their little bean has developed.

As for me, nausea has kicked in and I have an adversion to most meat. My body has also remembered what it's supposed to do apparently, as I apparently have a baby bump. I have been asked about the pregnancy already. We're not even 7 weeks yet. *sigh*

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