Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to the world, Addison Elise!

Addison Elise Miller

April 7, 2011, 4:53 pm

7 pounds, 9 ounces

20.5 inches long

Steve did an amazing job of keeping up with the events of Addie's birthday! I will fill in with my side, but be warned that I may be more

Last belly shots - 37 weeks, 2 days

David and I got to the hospital at 7 am. It took awhile to get the paperwork done, get my IV going, and get me settled. David left to take our kids to school and that's about the time Steve and Andrea arrived. I was contracting pretty well on my own, so I'm pretty sure Addison had chosen that to be her birthday regardless! When Dr. Fletcher arrived, she attempted to break my water. We weren't sure it ruptured, but whatever she did made the contractions more regular and a bit stronger. I needed Pitocin with my last two pregnancies (both surrogacies), so I had figured I'd need it again. But here I was doing it all on my own! Since I was hoping for a natural, unmedicated birth, I was pretty excited since Pitocin makes the contractions much more painful. Anyway, I was dealing with the contractions well, but they didn't seem to be quite as long as they should be. I could tell the baby was still high up too. I sat on the birthing ball for a good part of the labor and it was helping me to be more comfortable, while helping Addison move down. When Dr. Fletcher came back to check on me, she attempted to break my water again. This time, she definitely got it! There was quite a bit of fluid. I thought contractions would get really bad from here on out, but they actually spaced out a bit. I was getting frustrated, as this was now the longest time of "painful labor" I have ever experienced. I continued sitting on the ball for a bit, then moved back to the bed (which, by the way, was the most uncomfortable bed ever)! I made it to a 9 and there was just a little bit of cervix left that wouldn't quite dilate. I was getting even more frustrated, as the contractions were quite intense...but I was also worried the contractions would not be quite long enough for me to even push through, as they weren't lasting long at all. We agreed to start a small dose of Pitocin. Wow. Contractions intensified and the next thing I knew it was time to push. The room suddenly became busy with people coming in, my bed being broke down, and people getting into position. Steve stood up by my right shoulder, as David stood at my left fanning me. (He does this with every delivery, as I get very upset when he Andrea was going to deliver Addie, but before I was even pushing she was in tears. Seeing her react this way actually helped me to remain focused, as it reminded me why I was here. Dr. Fletcher got ready to deliver and Andrea stood by her side, ready to meet her baby girl. With the next contraction, I pushed once for her head. I heard Dr. Fletcher talking to Addison, so I knew I was almost done. I pushed a second time within the same contraction and out come her shoulders, with the rest of her following right behind. I opened my eyes just in time to see Andrea scoop up her baby girl and take her to the warmer. I was exhausted and still in some pain, but I noticed there were very few dry eyes in the room.

Steve and Andrea stayed at the warmer with Addison and the nurse while Dr. Fletcher attempted to deliver the placenta. Now, as I've mentioned before, this was a concern for me as the placenta would not release with my previous two surrogacies and it caused quite a bit of trouble and concern last much so that David donated blood for me last week "just in case" it happened again. Well the placenta was giving us problems yet again. I literally cried, as I was scared and disappointed. Dr. Fletcher was amazing though and was patient in giving it time to do it's own thing. Unfortunately, it was not coming out whole. Since I was so terrified, she ordered Demerol for me via IV. Once I felt loopy, she went after it. Let me just say Demerol did nothing for the pain. To me, it was like saying, "Hey, what's that over there?" to distract me, then going after it anyway. Yeah, no bueno. Thankfully, Dr. Fletcher was quick and was able to get it all. Just as everyone thought all was well, my blood pressure bottomed out. I don't react well to Demerol apparently. A sense of doom overcame me and the room went white. Luckily, a quick dose of Narcan reversed the effects and I was well again in a matter of minutes. Once everything was settled, Steve and Andrea brought Addison over to meet me for the first time. She is absolutely beautiful! (Wish I could take credit for that, but she gets it all from her mom and dad!) I was happy I got to witness Addison meet her grandparents for the first time too. We spent most of the evening together, then they took their baby girl next door to their own room. I didn't sleep too well, as I was still in the hospital in a horrible bed. I did get some rest though. Early the next morning, I could hear the sweet cries of a sweet girl next door. It brought a smile to my face, as I know she is truly a miracle gift from God. We spent most of the day together again in my room. Steve and Andrea even attempted to squeeze in a nap and left Addie with me, David, and Steve's parents for a bit. I was discharged early in the afternoon. I had thought about hanging out a bit to get more time with everyone, but I figured it was time to let them be a family and I needed to get home to my own children.

I am so grateful that Steve and Andrea chose me to carry their precious daughter. It was another beautiful journey and I feel so blessed to have been chosen by them and God to bring this precious miracle into the world. I think we made a great team and I have a special place for all three of them in my heart.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Addie's Birthday!

07:00 LaDonna scheduled to arrive at the hospital and get "hooked-up"
08:30 Andrea and I arrived at the hospital, got settled in; checked in with LaDonna
09:05 Water broken by Dr. Fletcher
09:30 The grandparents have arrived, all hanging out chatting w LaDonna
10:01 Trying to help the hospital understand a Pre Birth Order
10:37 Going back to LaDonna's room - let's see if she throws anything at me
10:59 Dilated to a 6, Contractions 4 min apart (she did not throw anything (yet))
11:06 Looked back to the guessing game found earlier in this blog. LaDonna guessed April 7th as Addie's birthday!
11:44 6.5 now and Addie has not come down much
11:59 Ordering lunch for everyone. LaDonna has ordered as well which means she has expectations! This is good!
12:14 Andrea just delivered another baby on the floor. She might deliver Addie too!
13:01 Lunch is over - LaDonna is hanging out on a big exercise ball in effort to coax Addie down a little
13:28 Dr. Fletcher is here, LaDonna is at 7+
13:31 Dr. Fletcher & Dr. Miller just left for a milkshake. I guess that means it will be a little while. I better not have to deliver this baby myself!
14:10 LaDonna says things are picking up in the contraction category. I introduced David (LaDonna's husband) to one of those funny iPhone autocorrect websites. He is now contracting as well.
14:25 Up to an 8 now. The ball must be working!
14:34 Baby warmer has been turned on
15:14 We're at a 9, nothing else to report right now. Waiting for next step
16:18 Still at 9, Pitocin has been started
16:53 Addison Elise is here!

A ton has happened since 16:53; way more than I can possibly rehash here. Suffice it to say, Addison is PERFECT! She weighs 7lbs 9oz and is 20.5" long.
LaDonna is doing great!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

37 weeks...and this is it!!!!

We're 37 weeks today, so we've made it to "full term"! Had another OB appointment this morning and I had some protein in my urine. Blood pressure was OK though and I've lost 2 pounds. My uterus measured 38 weeks, which it's measured about a week ahead for awhile now. I am now dilated to "almost a 5," so we're already almost half way there! How crazy is that?!? Dr. F stripped my membranes, so hopefully that will help get labor going a little more. Baby is still high up, so I'm going to try walking to get her to come down some. If she doesn't come on her own before then, we'll be going into the hospital at 0700 on Thursday to augment and get this show on the road! Wow. Hard to believe I only have 2 more days with Miss Addie. It's so bittersweet. My part in this is about over, but I'm so, so excited that Steve and Andrea will finally have their little girl in their arms!!!!

Wow! Holy big belly, Batman!

Yes, I's unreal. Sorry if I scared you. LOL

Addison may have grown under my heart, but she grew inside her mommy's and daddy's. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nursery Pictures

It looks like Addie will be making her grand entry soon so I wanted to post a few pictures of the completed nursery before it becomes a disaster area!

Check out the wall art LaDonna's Husband, David did for Addie! All of that was freehand; and on a rough wall, no less!

I think Addie will be very well dressed...

We want to thank everyone for helping us accomodate Addison. From furniture to clothing to forumla, friends and family have gone above and beyond to help us make things perfect for her.